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Spyware Terminator 2.7

Free, light and easy to use program for removing spyware from your system
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Spyware is software designed for collecting information about your Web activity and send it to an external party. This information can include passwords, credit card numbers and other critical personal data, and can be used to steal your identity, make charges to your credit account, and other felonies. This free program allows you to scan your system to see if it has been infected by this type of malware. First, you need to configure the program by selecting the main use you intend to give the program (scan your computer, protect it against spyware, or against spyware AND viruses. If you choose this last option, which is new to this version, the program will download ClamAV 0.96, which is an open-source antivirus program). Then, you can perform several types of scans: Fast, Full or Custom, each with their own characteristics. The program will explore your system and detect all the suspect files, giving you the option of removing them or report them as false positives. The main window of the program shows the current status of the program and has a useful panel with information about new threats, as well as a search window you can use to find data about a suspect file. It is also possible to enable the real-time protection feature to reinforce the security of your system.
The program is fast and comprehensive, and can detect malware that can get unnoticed to other antispyware programs. It also updates daily. All these are good reasons for getting it installed in your computer.

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